• 2020 Upgrade of CPHQ Tutor

    The upgrade of the CPHQ Tutor website in Q4 2020 will include both content updates and a refreshed design. Frequent updates on the upgrading process will be posted on the microblog.

  • CPHQ Exam Pass Rate: 2006–2019 Data (October 2020 Update)

    From 2016 through 2018, the overall annualized pass rate of the CPHQ exam ranged between 62% and 67%. Over the same period, the CPHQ exam pass rate among US-based CPHQ candidates was 71-73%.

  • Ace the CPHQ Exam: Study Smart, Not Hard

    Passing the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) certification exam isn't difficult. Persons with appropriate experience in healthcare can achieve a great score, and do so efficiently, by concentrating their efforts on the material emphasized in the exam.

  • The Problem-Based Approach to CPHQ Exam Preparation

    A problem-based approach to CPHQ exam preparation is more compatible with adult learning concepts compared to other learning approaches, and, according to the best available evidence, far superior in helping candidates pass the CPHQ examination.

  • CPHQ Tutor: Responding to the Needs of Serious CPHQ Candidates

    CPHQ Tutor provides online CPHQ exam preparation resources that target key issues on the exam content outline and meet the changing needs of CPHQ candidates.

  • The CPHQ Exam Competence Pyramid

    When preparing for the CPHQ exam, three things that build on one another are required: basic knowledge in healthcare quality and healthcare quality management, the skills to apply this knowledge, and good study and exam techniques.

  • What’s the Passing Score for the CPHQ Exam?

    Test takers for the CPHQ exam may like to know what the minimum passing score is and how it is derived.

  • Online Subscription Service

    An online subscription service, offering exclusive articles related to healthcare quality management and the CPHQ exam content outline, was launched in July 2010.

  • CPHQ Training Program / CPHQ Coaching Program

    Our CPHQ training program (later named CPHQ coaching program) is designed for busy healthcare professionals who aim to be leaders in healthcare quality management.

  • How to Pick a CPHQ Exam Preparation Course

    Although many CPHQ exam preparation courses are available, only a small proportion have attributes that improve candidates’ chances of exam success. In this article, we discuss the desirable (and less desirable) characteristics of a CPHQ exam preparation course.

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